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How to create , export and import extra-fields?

If the product creation form does not have all the fields that you need to describe your products then you may add extra-fields. These fields can be easily added using the extra-field module.
Once added these fields will appear at the bottom of the product creation form as well as on the store product page.
These extra-fields can also be easily exported and imported into your store database.

Enabling the Extra-field module

To enable the extra-field module go to the module page by selecting the module option from the OTHER SETTINGS menu section.
On that page, find the extra-field module:
select its checkbox and click the [save] button at the end of the page. Once enabled the extra-field option will appear in the admin "PRODUCTS" menu section.

Creating extra-fields

To create new extra-fields select the Extra-field option from the PRODUCTS" menu section:
The extra-field creation form will display inside a dialog box as shown below:
Creating a new extra-field is easy. In the subsection that is called Add extra field fill out the fields as follow:

FIELD NAME: Name of the extra field as it will show on both the admin panel and the store front-end.

SERVICE NAME: This is a unique name that will be used by your store to identify the extra-field. This field value will not be displayed on the customer store area. Please note that this field name cannot include any spaces. Again this field value is unique and will be same for all languages used in the store.

DEFAULT VALUE: This field is optional and represent a default value that will be automatically assigned to the form field when a new product is created. When creating a new product the store admin can change the default value provided or leave it as is.

SHOW: When checked the extra-field will be displayed in the customer area, in the section "Details" on the product page. The extra-field is always available for edit in the admin area.

ORDERBY: This numeric field value is optional. If provided, it will be used to define the position of the extra-field on the product page in the "Details" section.

Once you have provided all the fields value you should click on the [add new] button, the new extra-field will be added to the list of all extra-fields and a confirmation message will display across the top of the page.

Extra-field as a search criteria

If you want to use the extra-field as search criteria on the search product interface, you need to enable these fields in your product search options interface.
Select the option "general settings" from the "OTHER SETTINGS" menu section then click on the top link "Product search options", the following interface will display:
Select the extra-field(s) that you want to appear on the search product interface and then click on the [save] button.

Import/export extra-fields

Importing and exporting extra-fields is very easy. The file to be imported has to be in CSV format and have the values specified in a very particular order. The number of columns will depend on the number of extra-fields that you have defined in your database. If you are not sure about the exact format you should use, we recommend that you first do an export of the extra-fields value.

Read the how to import/export help section to learn more about the import/export interface.

When doing an export, the only data type to be selected on the export interface is the "Products extra fields value":


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