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How to create a product/category for only specific customers?

If you need to create a product/category that will only be seen by specific customers you need to update the membership list that is assigned to this product or category. The membership is like a group name that is assigned to specific customers.

In order to restrict access to a product or to a whole category to only specific customers you need to 1) create that group/membership; 2) then assign it to the product or category and 3) assign the privileged customers to that group as well.

A customer can only belong to one group or membership. However you can assign several group/memberships to the same product or category.

When a group is assigned to a particular product. Only customers belonging to that group can view this product on your store. If you assign a group to a particular category, then all the products included in that category will also belong to that group. However subgroup(s) of that category will not inherit that group as well. Only the products directly under that category will inherit that membership.

Create a new group/membership

In order to create a new group select the 'Membership Levels' option from the 'USERS' menu section :
and then scroll down to the 'Customer membership levels' section.

Then add a new group (e.g. Group1) in the subsection 'Add new' and then click the [Add new] button.
After the [Add new] button is clicked the new membership/group will be added to the list.

Assigning a group to a user/customer

Assigning a group to a one of your customer is an easy operation. To perform this update, you should first edit the customer profile and scroll down to the 'Username & Password' section. In the membership drop down menu select the desired membership and then click on the [save] button at the bottom of the page

Assigning a group to a product or category

Whether you want to assign a group to a product or category the process is the same. You should first go into the edit page of the product or category. Then scroll down to the 'Membership section. Then select the group(s) to be assigned to that product or category and then click on the [save] button at the bottom of the page.
NOTE: If you want to use the restrictive effect of the group assignment DO NOT ASSIGN/SELECT the "ALL" group.


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