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How to offer discounts on Bulk order and configure your "Incentive" module?

Your store includes a module ('Special offers') that allows you to provide special offers or special 'deals' to your customers. This very complete module goes beyond the simple '2 for 1' basic offer and can provide very sophisticated offer combinations. Customers will be able earn bonus points and trade in these bonus points for a gift certificate.

Creating a special offer is done in four steps, you first provide a condition to be met such as the purchase amount, and/or shopping cart including a special Item, etc. you then define one or multiple rewards such as receiving bonus points and/or free shipping and/or getting a free product etc. The third step is to provide an image/banner and/or some promotional text. This text and/or banner will appear on the top of pages in your store.
The last step of the offer creation process is to give your offer a name and a range date within which the offer will be available to customers.

Enabling the 'special offer' module

In order to enable this module you should first select the 'modules' option from the ’OTHER SETTINGS menu section:
then select the ‘Special Offers’ module checkbox
and then click the [save] button at the bottom of the page.

Creating a special offer

To start the creation of a new offer, select the 'Special offers' option from the 'MARKETING' menu section :
The following interface will display:
Click the [Add new] button, the ‘conditions’ panel will display:
Using this interface you need to specify the conditions that have to be met by the customer to be eligible to use this special offer. When a checkbox is selected the interface will extend below so you can complete the details of the condition(s) :

Customer orders a certain product or products : Here you can specify a particular product or category of product that have to be inside the customer’s shopping cart.

Cart subtotal exceeds a certain amount : Here you need to specify a cart subtotal amount to exceed. A Min and Max value can be provided.

Customer has a certain membership : Here you will need to specify the membership group name that the customer needs to have in order to be eligible to receive that offer.

Customer has a certain amount of bonus points : If you require the customer to already have some bonus points in his account. Here again, you can specify a Min and a Max value.

Customer comes from a specific geographic location : Based either on their billing or shipping address you can use the ‘destination zone’ list to provide a requirement on the geographic location of the customer.
Once the condition(s) set, click the [Next >>] button to provide the ‘Bonuses’ settings:
On this interface you can provide 1 or multiple bonuses. Every time a ‘Bonus’ checkbox is selected the interface will extend below so you can provide the exact details about the Bonus specified:

Give a discount : Specify an ‘Absolute’ or ‘percent’ type discount on all or part of the products included in the customers cart. You can also specify a maximum value not to be exceeded.

Give bonus points : Here you can provide the number  ‘Bonus points’ to be earned. This number can be specified either as a fixed amount or based on the total amount of items in the cart.

Give free shipping : You can offer free shipping for all or specific products included in the cart. You will also be able to specify if you want to apply free shipping to all or only to some of the shipping methods defined and available.

Offer products for free : Specify here a product that will be offered for free.

Offer membership : Specify here the name of a membership group to be offered as part of this offer. The membership will be available to the customer in the 'Bonus' section of the customer’s account. If the customer decides to sign up for it then it will be granted to him right away.
Once you have provided the Bonus(es), click on the [Next >>] button, it is time to provide to ‘Promo ad’ :
The ‘Promo ad’ is the ad that will be displayed across the pages of your store to announce this special offer you are creating. The ‘Promo ad’ can be a combination of image and text. The text can be input using the Default editor or using the WYSIWYG editor. Both text fields the ‘Short’ and ‘Detailed’ version can contain HTML formatted text or images. The short version will be used across the top of your store pages. The ‘Detailed’ version will be used on the ‘Special offer’ pages as well as all other pages providing details on special offers.
When enabled, promo ads displayed across the store pages may look like the picture below: 
Please note that the Promo ads may not display for all customers. Promo Ads which include a condition based on customer membership or customer geographic location will only display when the customers are logged in and met those conditions.
The last step of the special offer creation is to give it a name and a range date as to when the offer would be available to customers :
The ‘Active’ (Yes/No) html selector let you activate the offer. An offer will not be shown to customers when that field value is ‘No’. The other important field on this interface is the ‘Display short promo block’ (Yes/No) html selector. That second field allows you to decide whether or not you want the promo ads blocks to be displayed on top of your store pages.
Even when the ‘Promo ads display’ HTML selector is set to ‘No’ the customers can still view the available offers by going to the ‘Special Offer’ page. A link to that page can be found on the ‘Special’ menu section :

Additional configuration to the ‘Special offer’ module

In order to access the additional configuration page, select the ‘Special Offers options’ from the ‘MARKETING’ menu section. The following interface will display :
Bonus points to Gift Certificate conversion rate : Specify the conversion rate that should be used when converting Bonus points into a gift certificate value. If dollars $ is the currency and the rate is ‘0.1’ then 100 Bonus points could be converted into a (100 * 0.1 = ) $10.00 gift certificate.

Minimum allowed amount of bonus points to convert : This is the minimum amount of Bonus points that a customer must have in his account before he can covert them into a gift certificate.

Display offers list in multiple columns (1-3) : This is the number of columns to be used to display the short sized promo ads.

Maximum number of offers in the list (at category and product pages) : Specify here the maximum number of promo ads blocks that will be displayed on your store category and product pages.

then click on the [Save] button.


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