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How to configure any payment gateways?

Your store supports over 130 different payment gateways. Every gateway is different and requires different configuration values. However they all have a configuration panel that requires at least a userID and a password. Some gateway may also have other required fields.

The first step in adding a new gateway is to contact the payment gateway company to create a new account. Then you need to add that gateway as  payment method. The 3rd step is to configure the gateway. The last step is to enable the corresponding payment method.

Add the payment gateway to you payment methods list

To add a new payment gateway, you should first select the option ‘Payment methods’ from the ‘ORDERS’ menu section:
Then scroll to the bottom to the ‘Payment gateways’ section, select your payment gateway and click the [Add] button
Your payment gateway will be added to the list of payment methods listed on that page.

Configure the payment gateway

Once added as a payment method the payment gateway has to be configured. For example we have added the payment processor ‘BluePay’ , here is how it will look on the payment method page:
Click on the configure link, the following interface will display:
On this interface the ‘Merchant account’ field is the userID and the ‘Secret key’ field is the password. Provide these 2 fields and then click the [Update] button. When all testing has been completed you should go back in that configuration interface and change the ‘Test/Live ode’ field to be ‘live’ instead of ‘test’.
The last step is to enable this payment method. To proceed, select the check box on the top left and then click the [Update] button at the bottom of the page:
Should you need help to configure your payment gateway, feel free to contact our support team via our helpdesk application.


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