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How to configure the customer Order status interface?

Your store provides you with an interface that your customer can use to get a status of their order. The customer does not have to be logged in to use this order status interface.
A link to this interface is available in the shopping cart menu section:
If the customer is not logged-in, the interface below will display :
if the customer is already logged-in then the interface would not display the ‘last name’ or ‘email’ field :

Configuring the order status messages

When a customer requests a status of an order, a standard message based on the order status will be displayed. To configure these messages, select the option ‘Order status’ from the ‘ORDERS’ menu section :
The following interface will display:
You can use this interface to provide the ‘status’ message that will be displayed. The ‘Add tracking’ check box let you enable the addition of the shipping company and the tracking # after the status message.
Within an order detail page you can provide the name of the shipping company as well as the tracking # used. See picture below for an example :
If a customer requests a status of that order the order status interface will display the following:


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