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How to use and configure the custom breadcrumb title for static pages?

The Breadcrumb section is a path of the pages name that a visitor would have to follow to reach the present page. It is similar to a full file path. The Breadcrumb gives the place of the actual page in the site data structure. The Breadcrumb section is usually located on the top left of the central section of the page. The Breadcrumb of the page that you are actually viewing is:
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Configuring the Breadcrumb page for static pages

The Breadcrumb for product pages automatically includes the product name as well as its category and subcategory name. In the case of a static page you have to configure it so it will include the parent page. The static edit page form includes a drop down menu, located in the very bottom of the page, that you need to use to select the parent of the actual page.
The default selected parent page is 'Home'. So if we had not selected any Parent for this page the Breadcrumd for this page would have been:
Home :: How to breadcrumb title for static pages
The grandparent
In our case the 'Grandparent" of our page is the page 'Support'. This page does not have to be selected and will automatically be inherited if inside the 'HOW-TOs' static edit page you select the parent page as being the 'Support page'. In other words, your Breadcrumb will display a grandparent page if the parent page has also provided a parent page.


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