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Directory Submission Services

Directory submission can supply a web site with backlinks, improved ranking, online and offline traffic, and wider audience reach. However, much time and energy must be devoted towards optimizing the web site, selecting optimal keywords and phrases, and choosing the most advantageous directories. Fortunately, myEcommerce can streamline these tasks, ensuring the best possible exposure for the client's web site and business.

Goal and budget setting

myEcommerce will first establish concrete objectives with the client in order to achieve specific marketing goals. The desired number of inbound links, site ranking, and niche audience targeting will be discussed. An overall budget will be established, with a maximum price set per individual directory submission. The duration of the submission campaign will be determined.

Web site analysis and optimization

We will analyze the client web site(s) to be submitted for content, subject themes, and current audience demographics. We may also perform subject queries to discover untapped and niche audiences, as well as consumer commercial intent. This will help determine to which categories of a directory the web site(s) should be submitted.

Directories require that certain criteria be met before a web site is indexed. myEcommerce will review and repair broken links, insert page tags and metalinks, format the content, check for language compatibility, and complete or eliminate any pages under construction. We will also optimize the web site so that it matches individual submission category specifications, thus helping ensure its acceptance and indexing by the directory.

Competitor analysis

Competitor directory listings will be analyzed for category placement, titles used, profile descriptions, and inserted keywords. This information will be used to generate ideas for and improve upon client directory submissions. Client sites will then be submitted to several categories of a competitor-containing directory in order to establish market presence, expand target audience reach, and increase the chances of web site discovery.

Keyword selection

A list of keywords and phrases will be compiled from analyses of client and competitor web site(s). myEcommerce will determine the amount of web traffic and competition for each keyword and phrase. Based on these results, we will incorporate select terms into the home and internal pages of the client web site(s) to be submitted. These keywords and phrases will also be input into the title and summary descriptions of the submitted web site(s). If Yellow Pages submissions are planned, myEcommerce will perform additional keyword research in order to target local search queries and audiences.
Profile Creation
myEcommerce will create a number of profiles for the submitted client web site(s). Several title and summary descriptions will be generated and incorporated into the site profiles for different directories. Within a single directory, titles and summaries will be varied in order to match category specifications. Keywords and phrases will be matched to their appropriate categories as well. Yellow Pages directory profiles will be generated with locally-based titles, summary descriptions, and keywords.
Organic submission
Over a period of several weeks to months, myEcommerce will submit client web site profiles to free and paid directories. Free directories may include sites such as Dmoz.org, while paid directories may include the Yahoo! or Business.com web directory. Yellow Pages web site submissions may be posted for free or for a fee. Because many directories do charge a submission fee ranging from $20-$299, the posting of client web profiles to paid inclusion directories will be assessed the directory inclusion fee.
Once the client's web site submissions have been made, myEcommerce will verify that these links are accepted and posted to their respective directories and categories. myEcommerce will also track already accepted submissions through tools such as Google Analytics in order to determine the effectiveness of their placement. Rejected submissions will be scrutinized and corrected for re-submission.
We will generate monthly directory submission reports that feature the number of web site and category submissions, submission attempts, implemented keywords and phrases, and provided directory feedback. We will also research and advise the client on additional/potential directory sites, methods for increasing audience coverage, and possible advertising on Yellow Pages and other directory sites.

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