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Contextual Advertising Services

While contextual advertising can prove useful in an advertising campaign, it requires significant time and research in order to properly set up. Because the ad is often directed to end-point consumers who are likely to purchase a product or service, it needs to contain relevant keywords and matching long-tail keywords. Also, the ad and its landing page needs to be created and tested. To this end, advertisers have used myEcommerce's services for media placement.

Campaign strategy planning

myEcommerce will first go over marketing objectives and goals with the client. Objectives may include ad creation and testing, formation of a six-month contextual ad campaign, or optimization of existing contextual ads for keyword usage and placement. Specific goals may include a 20% improved conversion rate or a 10% increased CTR. We will discuss ad and landing page format, coding, size, number, and placement. myEcommerce's analysis and reporting methods will be summarized. Depending on the number and complexity of objectives, we will establish the optimal amount of time required for the fulfillment of the client's marketing needs. An ad budget will be introduced and parceled towards different tasks and timelines.

Keyword research

We will perform keyword research as the first and one of the most important aspects of the contextual ad campaign. Keyword research helps establish which keywords and phrases are most relevant to an ad, the ad landing page(s)/web site(s), and publisher content pages. This helps match the ad text and the ad keyword groups to the appropriate publisher web sites. The researched keywords are then input into the ad groups and text of ads. This ensures that the ads are served on the most relevant publisher content pages.

Ad bidding

myEcommerce will act as the media buyer for the client by bidding on ad keywords through select publishers and advertising networks. Related keyword and phrase groups will be presented as a cohesive ad group. Also, negative keywords, which may be keywords found irrelevant to the ad or which may target a competitor site, are excluded from the bidding process.

Once a price has been estimated for the ad keywords, we will analyze what the average bid cost and ROI are per advertising model (e.g., CPC, CPM). Given the client's allotted budget, we will determine which advertising model should be implemented as well as the ad's weekly/monthly ad expenses. We will also investigate optimal times for ad display, such as the time of day, weekends, etc.

Ad creation

There are many types of contextual ads. Text ads use only defined, keyword-optimized text. Related content ads appear at the top of the content page as isolated word links within a unique text box. Contextual ads may also appear as pop-up bubbles when the user hovers over specific web content. These ads will typically contain text and images, and may or may not also feature a site search box. Expandable ads also appear as a pop-up bubbles, but will expand if the user hovers over them for a longer period of time. Contextual ads may also launch video/audio segments once the user has clicked on select text. Finally, rich media ads may be incorporated into contextual advertising and feature text, video/audio, and search functions.

myEcommerce will explore each of these media generation options, utilizing the ad types that are likely to attract consumer attention and generate ad clicks. URL tracking codes will be installed in order to track lead and sales-generating clicks. We will incorporate selected keywords and phrases into the ads to enable "tightly-themed" ad groups that are picked up by search engines. Finally, we will add client logos and other brand-recognition lettering and graphics to facilitate brand building and product awareness.
Landing/web page design
We will design several prototype landing and/or web pages using text, image, video/audio, and rich media formats. Keyword/phrase ad groups utilized in the contextual ads will be similarly implemented into the landing/web pages in order to further enable "tightly-themed" ad groups. We will also install URL tracking codes to follow web user clicks, actions, and purchases. For clients that have pre-existing web sites, we will optimize select web pages to the contextual ads.

The prototype landing/web pages will be integrated with the contextual ads and tested for functionality and ease-of-use. After testing, we will select the sites that are best suited to the ads.
Tracking and improvement
Once the ads have been submitted to select publishers and advertising networks, myEcommerce will commence tracking of ad performance, CTR, cost per action (CPA), leads, conversions, and ROI. Ad ranking (i.e., position) within a page will also be checked, and bid amounts adjusted to improve the ranking. myEcommerce may also split ad groups and associate the ads with new landing/web pages as deemed necessary to improve CTR and ROI.

Ad relevance to web content will be tracked. myEcommerce will strive to place ads with networks that utilize different targeting technologies when inputting contextual ads. While some networks use strict keyword-based in-text ad placement, others include additional editorial and semantic targeting technologies. Editorial targeting takes into account the conceptual meaning of the entire article, rather than just its select keywords (e.g., cardinals versus the Arizona Cardinals). Semantic targeting analyzes the article in terms of its word meanings, making sure that the ad is targeted towards its intended topics (e.g., orange citrus fruit versus the color orange).
myEcommerce will generate bi-monthly reports for the client that include data such as ad rank, CTR, leads, sales, and ROI. Results and sales trends will be discussed. myEcommerce will also focus on areas of possible improvement, such as additional/different ads/landing pages, expanded publisher and/or advertising network coverage, and an expanded or differently appropriated ad budget. We may also suggest web site redesign to the client.

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