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Business Blog Marketing Services

While the benefits of effectively managing a business blog are many, a significant amount of time, effort, and finances must be invested into starting and then maintaining the enterprise. Initially, the web site must be set up, designed, and outfitted with a suite of applications. Blog posts that are keyword optimized, market-driven, and free of proprietary and/or reputation-damaging content must be posted at least weekly. Comment replies, article and white paper posts, link exchanges, and submissions to social bookmarking sites are also a part of good blog maintenance. Finally, web site analysis is required if the blog is to grow and attract more users.

At myEcommerce, we will ensure that your business blog is not only professionally designed and marketed but also regularly maintained and improved. To these ends, we will first consult with you and form a mutual strategy based on your blogging goals. Once the initial consultation is complete, we will start working on the following tasks:

Web site design
We will create one or more keyword-optimized blog domain names, build the web site index, and submit these indexes to top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Rich media and ad ready web pages will be built, and the pages will be outfitted with select editing, SM posting, and SEO tools. We will create a back-up copy of the site on our server and perform weekly back-ups thereafter.
Content creation and optimization
Using preinstalled editing and SEO tools, our team of writers will create several quality posts spanning a minimum of 400 words each. Enough content will be generated to initially "flesh-out" the indexed pages. Posts will contain text/keyword links that direct readers back to the client's company web site. Keyword variation links will also be utilized in order to increase search engine hits. External web sites may, on occasion, be linked to in order to increase content relevance and enrich user experience. You will have direct access to all generated content and may change web link addresses as deemed necessary, or even add content of your own.

After the initial content has been created and inserted, we will regularly post fresh content for the blog site. Posts will span at least 400 words, but will occasionally be longer. New posts will be inserted at least once per week.
Directory submission
Your blog will be submitted to several blog directories, such as Blogged.com and Biggerblogger.com. Blog directories increase the feed subscriptions, visibility, and traffic to the blog site. Because blog directories are always being updated, they are frequently indexed by search engines that are seeking quality content. This ensures that your blog site(s) will be noticed.
Cross-syndication/Viral marketing
Following publication of a blog post, article, press release, white paper, etc., on your blog site(s), we will submit the content link to 30+ RSS and social bookmarking sites. We will also enable RSS and SM channel feeds from the blog site itself. This will initiate viral distribution of the content.

Published articles will be submitted to our article directory affiliates, which distribute content to 40+ article distribution services at a time. Press releases will be submitted to press release directory sites, which distribute such notices to 25+ press release sites at a time.
Link building
Our personal directory of top bloggers and other SM channel "movers and shakers" will post one-way backlinks from their own web sites, blogs, and other content-containing sites to the blog site(s) that we have created. Many of these individuals own and operate sites with very high page rank (PR). High PR sites have a positive impact on blog rank in the SERP, often moving the blog to the top 10 results within a month.

We will also post strategic posts and replies to third party blogs, which encourages their site owners to reciprocate. In some cases, we may initiate reciprocal content creation with a particularly useful blog site, resulting in entire content pages being posted and cross referenced.
Product/Service reviews
Depending on what product types and services your business offers, we will contact select customers and provide an incentive for them to submit a review. All reviews will be submitted to you first before being optimized and published. Publication of positive reviews builds trust in the brand and in the business image, and helps generate future profits for the business.
Using proprietary analysis tools, we will periodically scan and assess several blog parameters, such as visitor number, number of repeat visitors, length of visit, bounce rate, and visitor demographics. Based on this information, we will further optimize our posted content to better attract and retain traffic. We will additionally look at which blog pages are receiving the greatest number of hits and which keywords are drawing attention.
Just because your blog site has been set up and built does not mean that it must remain static. After all, blogs are dynamic and growing entities. Periodically, we will consult with you to confirm that your blog is still in tune with your initial goals. If changes are requested, we will perform them in a timely fashion. Our hope is to provide you with a blog site that is right for you and your business.

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